Chain sms’s

With the festive season nearing, Gowri-Ganesha festival on the 23rd Aug to start with, mobile users are getting to see a lot of chain sms’s filling their in-boxes. A typical chain sms would contain a set of characters followed invariably by a ” ….send to x number of people for something good ….” . Upon seeing  such an sms one (a good number of one’s ) is somehow emotionally bound to send it the said number of people. More so if the last line contains a threaten to follow ill luck otherwise.
Now who creates these kind of sms’s? In my opinion most of these originate in the college hostels, where students have holidays(time) for the festivals and are also creative enough to script them. A busy executive or a veteran hero would lack the time or enthusiasm to write one or rather send them to everyone.  Possible benefit is some nice time pass and some small fights / teasing which leads to good socialising. And perhaps some traffic for the network providers.

Here’s a sample of some chain sms’s:

A regular theist would write something like this >
Jesus said,”If u remain in
Me & My wrds remain in u,
ask watevr u wish & it will b
givn 2 u”. John 15:7. Pls pas
20times & u will be lcky
tmrw..this MSG is TRUE

A more creative writer would create something like this >

88 88 88 88 88 these are
money bees pass them to
10 good people n receive
money in 4 days I AM NOT
joking IF u dlete u wil rgret
trust me pls send.

A romantic impatient one would specify a time line too >

I am giving you 100 angels
to take care of you. Give
them to 9 friends including
me & you will get good news
in 10mins. Trust me!

A more historical, believer of all  faiths shall write like >

168: d years lucky #. Pas 2
15 ppl xcept me w/in 1hr.
After doing it, observ 6
lucky thngs dat wl happen
2u n 8dys.Dnt break d chain.
This s a feng shui belief.

A crazy freaky fellow would write>

“WALA LANG” please pass
this to ur friends and after
3 days, nOthing will happen.
Totoo to, nasubukan ko na,
after 3 days, wala talagang
nangyari, as in wala.ü

Neither do u understand and trust me, nor does he :).  Some more ones would add a tag like this at the end:

Send it to  30+  for love, 20+  for friendship and 10+ for _______, whatever. (good offer boy!)

Send it to 21 within 30 mins else you shall lose your job/ spouse, those who neglected it have already lost. (now this is funny for most of us, unless we are in a situation.)

When encountered by one such sms, the first thing one usually does is to search his/ her mobile phone-book for a list of  “friends”  (neither friends nor enemies) just to avoid sending it to a good pal and end up irritating them, and lo, there it goes. Trouble is when you are out of town on a roaming network / do not have a free sms pack activated, which would cost u a bomb to fwd such sms’s. In any case the best thing would be to just delete it and call them up  for a nice chat.

Well, in case you think of other ways, here are some:

1. just in case the sms doesnt mention the line “do not send it back ”  send the asked number of sms’s back to them. (or another chain sms that u already have-tit for tat).

2.have a bunch of other friends to send copies of that sms back to the original sender.

3.send it to his/her girlfriend/boyfriend and dont forget to add the tag at the end – use their boyfriends/girlfriends mobile for extra luck.

Or any other type of warfare amongst friends :).

Recently when i got one such, tried the first method and it works :).

Note: whatever the situation, chain sms’s are for fun and doesnt mean to harm anyone, so if something bad does happen, its just co-incidental and not necessarily related to that senders sms. At the same time, stop sending such to ones who are facing some issues and are weakened already. , happy friendship…have fun…♥

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